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What do you get a gin lover for Christmas? Exeter Gin gift guide

What do you get a gin lover for Christmas? Exeter Gin gift guide

Posted by Lyndsey Terrell on 8 December 2020

As we come closer to Christmas, we’re all on the look-out for gifts to buy for our friends and family, but what do you get for the gin lover in your life? Christmas may be a little different this year with no Christmas markets, however you can still find those artisan gems by looking in the right place online.

Christmas gifts for gin lovers

If you have a Gin fan in your bubble of friends, family or work colleagues for this Christmas, you’ll find there’s a world of gin gifts out there to choose from. But what about gifts for gin lovers who also love Exeter and the South West? Well, this year Exeter Gin has added several gin gifts to its award winning Exeter Gin and Ivaar the Boneless Bottled Gins. We’ll guide you through the range.

Gin gifts by post

At Exeter Gin we’ve thought of a cleverer and more environmentally friendly way to send Gin by post. Each of our Gins are available as a pouch, saving on postage costs, and having a much smaller environmental footprint; we call them Letter Box Gins. With our Gin tasting gift sets you get to sample flavours from the Exeter Gin and Granny Garbutt’s range, plus the pouch design makes them great for picnics and camping staycations when the weather gets warmer – although its always good weather down in the South West!

Gifts for flavoured gins lovers

You will surely know Gin comes in a myriad of flavours to suit the palettes of every Gin lover. While the classic London Dry and Navy Strength Gin flavours are the tipple of choice for many, infusing Gins with fruits to create bolder and sweeter flavours have exploded with popularity over recent years. For those who love to mix fruitier flavours with the more traditional Gin staples, try our four pack letterbox Gin tasting gift set by our sister brand Granny Garbutt’s. This gift set introduces Gin lovers to Granny Garbutt’s Gin, Grandad’s Revenge Navy Strength Gin, plus the flavoured Grandad’s Allotment Gins; British Rhubarb and Strawberry and Lime.

>> Buy the Granny Garbutt’s flavoured letterbox Gin set

Navy Strength Gin Gifts

Navy Strength Gin’s are reserved for fans of bolder flavoured and stronger Gin. Originating from the Royal Navy’s interesting testing process to ensure the Gin wasn’t watered down, at 57% ABV, Exeter Gin’s Navy Strength Gin; Ivaar the Boneless packs a serious punch. With enhanced notes of the smooth baked Valencia orange and cinnamon you’ll find in our standard Exeter Gin, paired with rich juniper and tarragon flavours to create a robust and smooth finish.

>> Buy Ivaar the Boneless Gin

Gin hand sanitiser gift set

Due to the events of 2020 sanitising your hands has become a requirement for all of us, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an unpleasant experience. Our master distiller has put their Gin making knowledge to use on creating a selection of hand sanitisers that capture the essence of our Gins while soothing your hands. Juniper, Rose and Lemongrass are just some of the botanicals you will find in this Gin gift box with a difference!

>> Discover the Exeter Gin hand sanitiser gift set

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