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Meet the Stills

Exeter Gin copper stills with Exeter Gin bottles and the botanicals.  Some of the 5cl range of gifts and collection.


Ellen (Named after Grandmother) was our first copper still, how cute is she? Ellen gave us the ability to perform small batches quickly and perfect the first two London Dry Gin recipes Exeter Gin and Granny Garbutt’s Gin.


Moving into production Isabelle (named after our granddaughter and daughter) is a 100 litre Copper Alembic Still. As popularity grew with Supermarkets, Bars, restaurants, online and national distributors Isabelle’s capacity couldn’t keep up with the demand, she was working night and day.

Exeter Gin cooper stills for small batch gin. Come and see our Gin school and Tour our Family run award winning distillery in Devon.

Isabelle I

Isabelle I is a 450 litre capacity copper still which replaced Isabelle, it enables us to still produce London Dry Gin in an authentic copper still at the highest quality, whilst still being able to keep up with any demand spikes.

Lilly & Alfie

Lilly and Alfie are two more stills, each with 100 litre capacity. They represent our sister brand Granny Garbutt’s Gin. Our Grandfather was recognised by the government for feeding people in WW2 from his allotment so we feel it’s important to associate our stills, distilling and business values alongside this. As you can see family values are massively important to us so we want to leave a legacy not just to our future generations but to Exeter City too.

Copper Stills for the gin schools. Allowing you the ability to make gin individually or in a pair. Have great and book in now on our website.

‘Try it yourself’ Stills at Exeter Gin School

We had so much enjoyment from the process over the years of putting together award winning gins and sharing them with others. Why should we only get that pleasure? We have set out stills similar to ‘Ellen’ our lovely starter still where you can produce your own gin. A gin school with a bar attached that will be opening soon.

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