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Exeter Rum

Exeter Rum is the latest launch at Exeter Gin’s Distillery in Teignmouth!

Posted by Lyndsey Terrell on 2 November 2022

Since inception, Exeter Gin has become recognised for not only celebrating Exeter’s wonderful, historical Roman heritage but also for creating punchy, multi-award-winning gin. This small family run business, which is managed by husband-and-wife team, Karen and Mick Skerratt, has been so successful with their award-winning gins that they have just launched a new addition to their collection, Exeter Rum. A mouthwatering rum, with hints of salted caramel, cleverly combined with the same earthy botanicals of Exeter Gin, to create a robust and warming flavour, which is sure to keep rum fans coming back for more.

Why Rum? Having already built strong relationships with the well-known and talented Devon artist, Laura Wall in a previous collaboration, which involved the duo working together to create a unique gin with a surprise ingredient - seaweed! The seaweed proved to be a fantastic botanical to add, not only celebrating the area in which both businesses are based, but also becoming recognised by ‘The Taste of the West Awards’ where they won GOLD in the Food, Drink Devon category 2020/21. With one successful collaboration already under their belt, when Laura approached Exeter Gin for a second time, Karen and Mick were more than happy to oblige. This time to produce a white label rum which incorporates the seaside. Celebrating the nautical connotations of the area, the new rum product encapsulates the director’s love of living by the sea and being involved in the beating heart of Teignmouth, where both businesses are based. It’s safe to say that Exeter Gin and Laura Wall have had a positive working relationship for many years, which has been collaborative and supportive.

Handcrafted flavours. This handcrafted, blended rum is a careful balance of some of the same botanicals as Exeter Gin but with a hint of salted caramel running through it together with a sprinkling of coffee beans to create a delicious, warming drink, which Karen says needs no accompaniment except for a little ice. Mick prefers his rum as a long drink perhaps with some Coke and the distinctive, delicious flavours means it will make the best cocktail mixer. Their Teignmouth distillery is quickly gearing up for Christmas and with orders for bottles of Exeter Gin and Exeter Rum pouring in already, they’re likely to be very busy in the weeks ahead! With the night’s drawing in and winter fast approaching, why not lift your spirits with this wonderful, warming drink and make your world a little happier! Available to buy / preorder now in their online shop. If the energy shortages happen and were forced into darkness, wrap a blanket around you, light some candles, sit down, and enjoy an Exeter Rum – with or without ice. We reckon you will soon warm up!

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