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The history behind the Grandad's Allotment range

The history behind the Grandad's Allotment range

Posted by Karen Skerratt on 29 April 2023

Our swanky newly designed labels for one! What do you think? We’ve tried to emulate allotment growing and lifestyle scene into our labels with the help of our super talented designer Cathrine! We are super pleased with how it shows off the botanicals and the colours reflecting that period of Grandads gardening days in the early twentieth century. 

I named this range after my beloved Grandfather, alongside my love for my Grandad, I have a passion for providing the best ingredients in our gins; the fruit in our allotment gins are from British Farms, cultivated, pressed, bagged and sent to us with certificates to say there are no chemicals or unwanted bits in the fresh juice. We are keen to support British Farms as this is part of our family heritage and owning farms. We only use this juice to bring down the abv (alcohol by volume) in our gins, so no colourings, flavourings, enhancers etc. You only get the very best!

Here's some interesting tales about my Grandad and how the Grandad's Allotment range was formed! 

Grandad Garbutt was awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for feeding people in World War 2 when there were food shortages and that he continued to grow and donate food until he was no longer able to tend to his beloved allotment due to old age. My Grandad would hide in is allotment shed when Granny Garbutt had a few too many gins and waited patiently for her to leave. Stories we loved when we were kids only Grandad didn’t find it as funny as we did!

Grandad Garbutt's family ‘The Garbutts’ were involved in the construction of Yarm Viaduct where Stephensons Steam Engine, The Rocket, crossed from the famous Stockton to Darlington route.

My Grandad's mantra was ‘you pick something, you plant something’. Very wise man this resinates with me and I have adapted this to life generally, you take something, you put something back - you have a problem, you find a solution. It's all about balance and respect in life and on our planet.

My Grandad Garbutt ended up our Lollipop Man and all the other kids called him Grandad much to my distaste as he was my Grandad who I was fiercely protective and proud of.

As you can tell by reading this, family is everything, it's what defines us at an early age. When you visit us it's important that you feel part of our gin family, serving up our award winning gin into your perfect serve gin and tonic.

Hopefully, your gin experience will leave you with wonderful lifelong memories and new friends. Come in as strangers but leave as friends! 
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At Exeter Gin, we believe in creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. We strive to keep our products as natural and organic as possible, and we are committed to using only ethically-sourced ingredients. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and causes, as well as promoting responsible drinking. We want to ensure that every sip of Exeter Gin is enjoyed responsibly and with respect.

Many thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed listening to my memories from North Yorkshire.

Karen Skerratt (formerly Garbutt)
Exeter Gin & Granny Garbutts Founder

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