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How to Properly Enjoy a London Dry Gin

How to Properly Enjoy a London Dry Gin

Posted by Karen Skerratt on 25 May 2023

At Exeter Gin we love nothing more than a good quality classic gin and tonic, however, there are many ways to enjoy your gin. Gin is an incredibly versatile spirit. It can be used as a base in numerous cocktails, or enjoyed straight up as a sipping spirit. But when it comes to London Dry Gin, there is an art to drinking it that not many people are aware of. Let's look at the best ways to enjoy this unique and flavourful gin.

Sipping Neat

The best way to experience the flavour of London Dry Gin is by sipping it neat. To do this, pour 25ml into a glass, add one large ice cube, and then simply enjoy. You should let the ice melt slowly so that the spirit's temperature cools down and its flavours have time to develop in the glass. As you sip, take note of the different layers of botanicals in your gin. Each distillery makes its own special blend that will affect the flavour profile. Sipping gin neat allows for maximum flavour impact because you get to enjoy all the nuances without any interference from ice or mixers like tonic water or soda. This gives you a chance to really appreciate all of what your bottle has to offer. It also helps bring out subtle notes like citrus or floral aromas that might not be noticeable if mixed with another drink. By taking your time while sipping neat, you’ll be able to pick up on these subtle notes and truly savour each sip.

Making Cocktails

London Dry Gin also pairs well with tonic water or other mixers for making delicious cocktails. Start by adding one-part gin and two parts mixer into an old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Then give it a gentle stir before garnishing with the recommended garnish or fresh herbs like mint or basil for added flavour and aroma. If you'd like something sweeter, try adding some simple syrup or elderflower cordial to balance out the dryness of your drink. Finally, top off your creation with Fevertree tonic, artisan lemonade etc., to give it a fizzy sensation that will take your cocktail to another level. Just remember not to overdo it on the mixers; otherwise you'll be covering up all those beautiful botanicals. Rule of thumb is once its added you can’t remove it.  For cocktail recipes you can visit exetergin.com/pages/cocktails to help you make your very own cocktail.

The Key to Enjoying its Intense Flavour Profile

The most important thing to remember when drinking London Dry Gin is that it should be savoured slowly. This type of gin has an intense flavour profile that can easily overpower the senses if consumed too quickly. To make sure you don't miss out on any of the subtle nuances of the spirit, try taking small sips at first and gradually increasing your intake as you get more comfortable with the flavour. When drinking gin neat or on the rocks, never rush through your drinks as this will cause you to miss out on all its flavours and aromas. Remember your palate is unique to you like your finger print and everyone will enjoy a different experience, hence the fun in tasting sessions.  To take it to another level you can also food pair by matching botanicals with your food pairing.

Regardless of if you prefer sipping your gin neat or mixing it up in cocktails there are plenty of great ways to enjoy this classic spirit! With its unique flavour profile and versatility, London Dry Gin is sure to please.

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