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Making the most of our resources

Making the most of our resources

Posted by Karen Skerratt on 8 May 2023

Making the most of our resources

 Helping to ensure that we get the most out of our resources is an important goal for everyone. We can do this by finding ways to reuse, recycle materials, and investing in renewable sources of energy. By doing our part, we can make sure that everyone has access to the resources they need for a better quality of life. Exeter Gin works towards lowering its Carbon Foot Print.

We are all accountable when it comes to the future of our planet, a priority that we need to embrace . Many gin and rum producers are already working hard towards improving our carbon footprint so you can enjoy your gin and tonic knowing we're doing our bit towards sustainability.

It is not always easy to balance eco v business but if we all do our bit by lowering our individual business footprint and keep up to date with what’s new and effective we will make a difference. We hope this will enhance our customers experience when visiting the gin school knowing we are doing our. Tackling carbon footprint will forever be a job to do but in the words of my beloved Grandad “if you pick something, you plant something”. In other words it’s all about balance and sustainability.

This is some of what we do at Exeter Gin Distillery.

Over the last 5 years we have made a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and put a number of measures in place.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we've had no land fill waste in the 7 years we have been operating. We use the fantastic Flexi-hex products in Cornwall for our packaging; which is sustainable packaging sleeve made from paper that is 100% plastic free.

 3 years ago we launched our Gin Pouch range, which are fantastic for refilling bottles or for single use when camping, caravanning or undertaking similar activities. We also have solar panels on the roof our distillery and office, and use hybrid transportation.

As an eco-friendly business we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint inline with the Governments Net Zero policy.

We also review our suppliers and their commitment to reducing carbon footprint. An example of who we work with:

LittlePod Vanilla - Janet Sawyer MBE has been recognised for her work with deforestation and reducing the need for Palm Oil production. Janet has successfully negotiated for land in Indonesia to be protected by using it for growing vanilla as it grows on the majority of trees hence slowing down deforestation. Janet’s personal favourite is Granny Garbutt’s Gin as her preferred gin and tonic.

Janet’s work as an ambassador has been instrumental in farmers now growing vanilla and even has her own vanilla farm in Bali. Did you know that 97% of vanilla is synthetic so there is a huge commercial demand for this luxury product.

In addition there is a call for a reduction in deforestation the main culprit being the demand for palm oil and intensive farming. I visited Indonesia many years ago and saw the devastation and impact on wildlife so this is why we use Janet’s ‘Littlepod’ vanilla in our Granny Garbutt’s Gin. I have much admiration for Janet and her work. Visit LittlePod here >

Flexi Hex - This is an award winning packaging company that have won so many eco awards at home in the UK and internationally and even better still, they are located one county away from us in Cornwall. Everything they package from Surfboards to bottles is ground breaking and for us it is another amazing local business with even more amazing people bringing more eco products to the table! Visit Flexi Hex here >

British Farms - We use a company located in Exeter to source fresh fruit grown and pressed on the farm which we then receive certificates to say that this is pure and no chemicals are present. For us it is important to support British Farms and to use only the best natural ingredients out of respect from my Grandads allotment days and our childhood adventures there. Our family also has in the past owned farms so it makes sense to respect my heritage and my Grandads ethics he instilled in us. 
If we can reuse anything, we do, that way very little goes to waste. An example of this was an experiment we conducted where I used the flexi hex bottle packaging, roped in my sister in law and found we could use it 7 times before it fell to pieces, as you can imagine this was a revelation for us and we likened it to wonky fruit & veg, it didn’t look pretty but it certainly did the trick! It would be amazing if we could all reuse our packaging int this way after all its the delicious gin inside that counts.
All of our boxes are reused and our gift boxes were made approximately 6 miles from cardboard which is left in its raw state with eco ink.
Our Recycling company has a Zero Waste policy and operated this for 30 years plus. 
Energy and power
We have solar panels for electric, we reuse the water for cooling the condensers, our vehicles are hybrid and all our lighting is LED.
Carbon Footprint
We have eco refill pouches for our gin and rum which have a 5 times better carbon footprint than a bottle. Transport weight, storage space, recycling space and weight etc all play a part in reducing this carbon footprint. We have also implemented a system to reuse and recycle all our cardboard, paper and other packaging materials, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Finally, we have reduced our energy consumption and carbon emissions by using renewable energy sources, such as solar. In addition to this if we can increase sales of the pouches we are in a position to send these to specialist recycling company who have low carbon footprint and can turn the pouches (every bit of the pouch) back into the same or similar product therefore eliminating new single use products! Combined with using fever tree cans that also have a better footprint makes that gin and tonic that much more attractive!
To get to know us better please visit www.exetergin.com or sign up for our newsletter.
Wishing you well!
Karen & Exeter Gin Team

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