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The difference between craft gin and main stream regular gin?

The difference between craft gin and main stream regular gin?

Posted by Karen Skerratt on 31 May 2024

Have you ever wondered about the difference between craft gin and main stream regular gin? Craft gin differs from regular gin in several key aspects, including the production process, the ingredients used, the scale of production, and the overall focus on quality and uniqueness. Here are the main differences:

Production Process
Craft Gin is often produced in small batches using traditional distillation methods using the traditional alembic still. Craft gin distillers tend to experiment with different techniques and equipment to achieve unique flavours. Main stream regular gin is typically produced on a larger scale using standardised methods to ensure consistency across large quantities.

Craft Gin uses a diverse range of botanicals, including locally sourced, sometimes foraged and seasonal ingredients. The selection of botanicals can be extensive and unique, contributing to distinctive flavours and aromas. Main stream regular gin generally relies on a consistent set of common botanicals such as juniper, coriander, angelica root, and citrus peels, aimed at achieving a familiar, uniform taste.

Scale of Production
Craft Gin produced by small, independent distilleries with a focus on quality over quantity. Limited production runs I/e., small batch,  allows for greater experimentation and innovation. Main stream regular gin manufactured by large, often multinational companies, with production focused on meeting high demand and maintaining a consistent product.

Quality and Uniqueness
Craft Gin emphasises  on high-quality ingredients and unique flavour profiles. Each batch may have slight variations including seasonality of botanicals, adding to the exclusivity and artisanal appeal. Main stream regular gin prioritises consistency, with each bottle intended to taste the same as the last. The focus is on reliability and broad consumer appeal.

Marketing and Branding
Craft Gin is often marketed with a story about the distillery, the distiller's passion, and the unique aspects of the production process. Branding tends to highlight the artisanal nature and local  or personal connections. Main stream regular gin marketed based on brand recognition, history, and consistent quality. Advertising often targets a wider audience with familiar, relatable branding.

Craft Gin typically more expensive due to the small-scale production, high-quality ingredients, and artisanal process. Main stream regular gin more competitively priced, benefiting from economies of scale and mass production efficiencies.

Overall, craft gin offers a more personalised, localised and unique drinking experience with an emphasis on quality and creativity, while regular gin provides reliability, consistency, and broad availability. Fancy trying a craft Gin? Try our signature Exeter Gin or prefer a flavoured Gin we have a choice of 3 all made with British farm fruits, view the range here >

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